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SONAX Clay Disc

SONAX Clay Disc

  • $ 50.99


The premium SONAX Clay Disc is a revolutionary 6 inch pad that can be used by either machine or by hand to thoroughly clean and decontaminate your painted surface. Its advanced polymer rubberized coating on a soft, high-density foam base allows it to perform the same tasks as a conventional clay bar, but in half the time! Ideal for removing road grime, brake dust, industrial paint overspray, mineral deposit water spots, pine tree sap, and other impurities, the powerful dirt-removing SONAX Clay Disc will leave your paint clean and ready for the next step.

Designed to treat up to 60 vehicles, the quick-cleaning SONAX Clay Disc is a game-changer for decontaminating painted surfaces. Just like traditional clay bars, it removes bonded contaminants from your paint, resulting in a smoother surface and improved gloss and clarity after polishing and waxing.

One major advantage of the long-lasting SONAX Clay Disc over conventional clay bars is that if you drop it, you don't have to throw it away. Simply rinse it off with water and you're good to go again! Its durable rubberized surface, which is twice as thick as other leading synthetic clay bar brands, allows for a much longer lifespan. Upgrade your paint decontamination process with the efficient dirt-eliminating SONAX Clay Disc.

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