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SONAX Glaze OS 02-06 - 1L

SONAX Glaze OS 02-06 - 1L

  • $ 47.99

 Sonax Glaze OS 02-06 is a professional-grade all-in-one car polish that can remove scratches and swirls, restore shine and luster, and provide long-lasting protection. This easy-to-use auto detailing product is suitable for both professional detailers and DIY enthusiasts, and is designed for all types of painted surfaces.

One of the key features of Sonax Glaze OS 02-06 is its ability to correct imperfections and achieve a flawless, high-gloss finish. It contains fine abrasives that help to remove minor scratches and swirl marks, making it the perfect solution for paint correction. Sonax Glaze OS 02-06 provides hologram-free results, meaning it won't leave any unwanted hazing or marks on the paint surface after use, resulting in a mirror-like finish.

In addition to its ability to improve the appearance of paint, Sonax Glaze OS 02-06 also provides long-lasting protection for your car's paint. It contains a ceramic SiO2 formula that leaves behind a durable layer of silica-based paint protection that can last up to 6 months. This water-repellent ceramic coating helps to keep your vehicle looking clean and shiny for longer, by resisting dirt and grime.

Overall, Sonax Glaze OS 02-06 is a convenient and effective way to protect and restore the paint on your car. It saves time and effort by providing multiple benefits in a single, easy-to-use formula, and is suitable for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

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